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Blog.....Great Idea!

When the suggestion was made that a blog from Hubby would be a good thing to add to our website......I thought OK what a great idea! I've always got something to say! Then I sat down to write it and actually didn't know where to start! Should I talk about the children, the community, the Kindy, our programs or what? What those moments of reflection have lead me to however is something much more personal - my own passion about early childhood education and care.

I feel so lucky to be involved with children and families at this time of a child's development when they take such major steps towards independence and to be a part of helping them develop this capacity. This relationship building with people other than family is the corner stone of personal development for everyone.

I love the fact the children come to us with so much knowledge that they may not realise that they have yet and being part of helping to develop and nurture this knowledge is so empowering. I have the most amazing conversations with children nearly every day that remind me of this. I recommend that you all take the time to sit and converse with your children, listen to them and value what they have to say.

I feel very fortunate to lead the community of learners here at Beacon Hill Community Kindergarten and value the community input so much - that is the thing that makes us so special and makes not only me, but the entire staff want to come to work every day.

As we say in our tag line "where a lifetime love of learning begins" and it is true to say that I still learn something new nearly every day!




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