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Where will my child go to school?

As Term 2 commences (I know the time is going so quickly!!) the focus of many families turns to "where will my child go to school"? It's a really big question and oh so important to ensure that your child gets the best start and education that they possibly can.

We are totally spoilt for choice in our local community. We have wonderful public schools at Beacon Hill, Narraweena, Brookvale and Dee Why. If your preference is for Catholic Schools we have St John's locally and St Kevin's at Dee Why, St Rose at Collaroy Plateau and St Kieran's at Manly Vale all easily accessible and well respected. If Independent Schools are your preference then St Luke's Grammar School at Dee Why or Oxford Falls Grammar School are also conveniently nearby.

The trouble is with so much choice - how do you make the right decision?

Schools in the public system are subject to in area enrolments only so your first step should be to find which school is your local school. This can be done through the Department of Education and Communities website Then you should make an appointment with the Principal and go and visit the school - find out for yourself what they have to offer and what they can provide for your child. Remember this is not a one size fits all decision you need to be the advocate for your child and find the best fit for them.

This actually applies to all schools not just those in the public system. It is essential that you visit, meet the Principal and ask the questions. You will be able to "get the feel of the place" if you do this and this is what will ultimately shape your decision.

If you are still struggling please talk to your child's teacher or come and chat with me and we will help you to make the choice that will most benefit your child.

Yours in Education,


29 April, 2014

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