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School Readiness

With the enrolment date for Catholic Schools fast approaching and public schools offering open days there has been much talk around school readiness. Is my child ready for school or not? Should I send them or not?

The sort of things we look for when assessing whether a child is ready or not include:

  • Can they separate easily from Mum and Dad?

  • Can they play co-operatively and solve conflict?

  • Can they listen and action 2/3 step instructions?

  • Can they take themselves to the toilet and manage independently?

  • Can they sit in a group and listen to a story?

  • Can they cope with changes in routine?

  • Can they tell you about a past event?

  • Do they have an interest in and motivation to particiapte in learning activities?

  • Do they have clear speech?

  • Can they ask questions?

  • Can they express their needs?

My first piece of advice however is ask your child's teacher and be guided by what they recommend.

The other concern that is sometimes expressed is "I can't send them back to preschool - they will be so bored!" Let me tell you 5 year olds are never bored. Sometimes they may find it difficult to make a choice but that is where we come in. All the staff at BHCK are early childhood professionals and they know how to adapt the program and motivate the children to ensure that boredom never occurs!

Yours in education


23 May, 2014

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