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When I take the time to sit and reflect about what it is that makes BHCK so special I keep coming back to COMMUNITY. Can you think of any other environment where community is celebrated in quite the same way?

Take today for example. The children have been out on an excursion accompanied by 12 parents who didn’t mind being squashed on a bus with 42 excited children. More volunteered but we simply couldn’t take the remainder.

Sitting on the reception desk are the few remaining jars of jam and chutney that were left over from our stall at the community markets and they are still selling. The market stall was staffed by –you got it – members of the community in an effort to spread the word about us.

In the front courtyard is the roster for the sausage sizzle at Bunnings this coming Saturday and it is rapidly filling. Still not too late though so don’t be put off!

Our Bush Dance and any community event that we offer are always well supported. I never have any difficulty getting parents to attend working bees, shovel sand or mulch, do letter box drops, or just generally help out around the place. I also seem to be able to find 10 willing volunteers to serve on our community board each year. You have no idea how challenging some centre’s find this. Every year we seem to be blessed with parents with the right level of expertise and willingness to make this contribution. You are all so awesome it makes it a pleasure and delight to come to work.


27 October, 2014


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