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2015.... Thank You

Here goes on the final blog of 2015. What a year it has been! I hope that the year has provided you and your child with an outcome that validates your choice in entrusting your child’s early education to us. I know that sometimes it is not easy for families to fit in with our opening hours and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it work! That means a lot to us and I hope it has made a huge difference for your child.

Our 2015 cohort has been amazing. Not only the children but the families too. We have never lacked volunteers or anything other than a willingness to help out if help has been requested. The children have all grown and thrived in our environment and I am very proud to be sending them on the next stage of their journey as “Beacon Hill Kindy kids”. I hope that they will wear that badge with honour.

Being the Director of a community based preschool is not always easy. I am forever being bombarded with changes to regulation, legislation and funding. I do not know why the State government simply does not understand the value and importance of early childhood education and constantly underspend their budget. The investment in early education in our State lags not only behind the rest of Australia but also the World. Please spread this message to all and sundry. The advocacy we have engaged in has resulted in some improvements but we need more.

Enough of the soap box!! The purpose of this blog is not for me to have a rant but

the intended message is much more positive. Thank you for 2015. Every day I come to work and leave in the afternoon feeling enriched and thankful. Not many people can say that about their daily toil! See you somewhere, sometime and please, please, please – come back and visit.

With much love,


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