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Preparing for Change

As we approach the end of Term Three and turn our focus towards the “what next” with school transitions for our current children, orientation sessions for our 2018 children and the inevitable end of year celebrations my reflections focus on “change”.

My gosh we expect young children to do a lot of it! Early childhood is a time of constant change for young children – the very act of changing from a baby to a toddler to a pre-schooler is change and whilst we as adults know this because we have the experience and knowledge of what to expect we must remember that the children do not. Every change that comes to their lives is an entire new learning curve and it is important for us to look at this from the perspective of a child rather than the more extensive knowledge base that we adults have.

This has never been more important than at this point in their young lives as they prepare for the biggest change they have yet to encounter-going to school! I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for you to ensure that your child takes part in all the transition activities that your school has to offer. It is important that the whole family takes part so you all learn together what you can expect so that everyone is well prepared.

Useful strategies that will help:

  • Be prepared – know what to expect, when to expect it and ensure your child has everything they need

  • Let children know simply what they will be doing a day at a time

  • Point out the school when you pass “look there’s your school for next year”

  • Ensure that they can manage their own clothing and belongings by “practicing” at home

  • Arrange play dates with other children going to the same school

  • Be positive – if you are stressed and worried about it so will they be

  • Celebrate the major milestone that it is and embrace the change!!

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