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As we come to the end of term I like to take a moment to reflect back on what we have achieved in the term we are completing. Term 3 2013 has been one out of the box! We cemented ideals about protecting and sustaining the environment when we planted trees for National Tree Day and then the next week learned about advocacy and activism as we leapt to protest when a truck ran over them! Important messages for the whole community. The learning experiences for the children were diverse and engaging.

I love the way the children are beginning to make sound choices and foster their own learning outcomes. We saw some more community action when we engaged in a Red Day of Action protesting against changes to funding for preschools - and will need to ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear to make sure that our children are not overlooked. On top of all that we launched a website and a Facebook page - both things on the to-do-list that can now be ticked off - WOW!!

So everyone, have a happy and safe break and look out for the ride in Term 4.



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