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Importance of Parents

For my first blog of 2016 I thought I would write about parents rather than children!! I hope that hasn’t turned you all off because it is important that I emphasise just how important parents are to what we do.

You are your child’s first teacher and never under estimate the importance of that. What they know already has come from what you have taughte them. Therefore also have a far greater knowledge of your child and what they know than we do. We rely on you to share that knowledge so we know how to best provide for your child.

Quite often the relationships we build with your children are the first they have had outside the circle of family so it is important that you learn to trust us so that the children it is okay for them to trust us as well.

Put simply the educational partnership that you will form with every teacher your child will have is probably the most important relationship they will have in their early years. It is the one that will have the most impact on the person they grow to be.

This is why we value the engagement of parents in our centre in both our community activities and our learning programs. It doesn’t matter what form that engagement takes just so long as it happens.

The words of Jane Hull below summarise succinctly.

Yours in Partnership,


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