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What a year is has been!

This will be my last blog entry for 2014 as the year fast approaches its culmination. What a year it has been! The standout event for me has been the validation we received as part of our first ever assessment and rating - EXCEEDING THE NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARD - in not just one area but all seven. You have no idea how empowering this has been not just for me but for the entire staff team. And of course for all the families that constitute our community it validates your choice in entrusting your child's early education to us. I know that sometimes that choice is not always easy for families and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a go!

Then of course there are the children and families that make up the 2014 cohort. What an amazing and supportive group you have all been. We have never lacked volunteers or anything other than a willingness to help out if help has been requested. The children have all grown and thrived in our environment and I am very proud to be sending them on the next stage of their journey as "Beacon Hill Kindy kids"!

The end of the year does however bring me some sadness. 2014 marks 20 years here at Kindy for me and the end of my face to face teaching responsibilities. I am not retiring or anything silly like that but from 2015 I will be here in the capacity of Director and not as part of one of the class groups. Having turned 60 during the year and with my own children long gone from the nest I have simply decided it is time for a better work life balance. As such I will work a few hours less each week so that I can pursue some of the other things in life that are important to me. I think the rest of the staff team are actually dreading this as they know it will be harder than ever to keep me out of the classroom!

So I will end with a special thank you to all of the children I have taught during my 20 years as a teacher at Beacon Hill Community Kindergarten. Each and every one of you has enriched my life and I hope I have made a difference in yours.

With much love


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