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I have spent some time reflecting on the subject of my first Blog for 2015. There are many things I could write about (and probably will throughout the course of the year!) but wanted to share my thoughts on something that is essential to the beginning of the year. I came up with TRUST.

As I watch the arrivals and departures in the morning and notice the smiles, laughter, tears and hesitation it brings to my mind the huge amount of trust that each and every family places in us each day. It is no little thing to leave your child with someone that you really don't know that well yet and trust them to ensure that your child has a happy, healthy and safe day with someone who is not you. For some children it is their first experience of being in a place where there is no one from their home environment so it takes trust on their part to understand that they will be ok.

This makes the building of relationships to earn that trust so vital to what we do. To quote the words of Stephen Covey "Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships."

I hope that we have done that with you and your family. As I walk through the classrooms and watch the happy engaged children I think we are doing a reasonable job. I also hope that we have extended the hand of friendship and welcome to all parents and made it possible for you to feel that trust.

Pleae remember that my door is always open and should you feel the need to discuss anything please come and visit me.

Yours in Educaiton,


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