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Today is the last day of Term One. Wow! Where has that 10 weeks gone! The increasingly rapid passage of time was however not the subject that came to mind for today's blog!

What I paused to reflect on was celebrations, motivated by the sound of the children in Green Class enjoying an Easter Egg hunt. It made me think about how important celebrations are to people and how we all celebrate different things in different ways. Here at Kindy we love finding out about the things that are important to the lives of our children to ensure that we celebrate as many of their successes, achievements and personal events as we can.

This year already we have celebrated Australia Day, sporting trophies, grandparents coming to visit, birthdays, new puppies, losing a first tooth, Harmony Day, Easter and holidays. We are looking forward to celebrating everyone's birthday, new babies, other family milestones and just simply being.

This is so important to children. To have their successes, lightbulb moments and special events recognised and celebrated is so empowering and essential for them to develop a strong sense of self. So the message is keep sharing those moments that need to be celebrated as we would love to join the party!

Yours in education (and celebration)


2 April,


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