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Immense Satisfaction

As we approach the end of the year it gives me a feeling of immense satisfaction to look at the children and notice just how much they have grown in confidence during the year. When I reflect back to day one and recall the cautious, quiet children coming through the door with some of them not even sure about saying "good morning" and then I look at them now and think WOW!

The feedback from last week's excursion was that it was LOUD and that certainly doesn't gel with my memories of subdued children! It also brings to mind about just how much learning in early childhood is unseen. There is often no concrete evidence that they have learned something new but their very demeanour suggests that is not the case. I think that is why I love working with this age. The children know so much and finding out what they know and helping them realise that they know it is very empowering. I have such great conversations with children that it makes coming to work every day a real pleasure and a joy. And what's more it makes me appreciate that I still learn something new nearly every day.



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