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Harmony Day March 21st

We have just welcomed and celebrated Harmony Day 2014. This is an event we always embrace as it helps us to acknowledge and learn from the wealth of cultures that make up our Kindy community. This year we are blessed with a more diverse range than ever before and are looking forward to the opportunities that this will present us with as Educators.

As part of our Harmony Day celebrations we had Jack's mum come and share her culture of practicing yoga with the children and Sammy's mum sharing the Passover traditions that are part of her Jewish heritage. Both of these quite different celebrations of culture resonated strongly with the children and have provided us with ongoing educational opportunities.

We are looking forward to learning more and to having other experiences with the uniqueness of other families. It was also great to hear the stories that the children brought to share on the day. Take a look in the classrooms and you will see those messages on display. Take the opportunity to have discussions with your children about the images they see as this will also provide you with opportunities to understand what they know and help to develop the diversity that is very much part of our community.




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