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End of a Journey.......

The end of Term 3 always makes me feel really sad! Why you ask? Well I'll tell you!

It is because I know that the farewells are just around the corner. Term 4 always passes in a flash as we go on our big excursion, orientate new families and prepare for our end of year festivities. The children are also engaged in transition activities at their "big schools" and return to Kindy full of excitement and pride. It is further evident in the way the children have grown in both competence and confidence.

To some families it will be "au revoir" but to others it will be farewell as the final member of their family departs for the wider world. I know that after 20 years here at Kindy I will continue to see you all around the area, especially "down at the Mall" and it continues to blow my mind that even when I am overseas on holiday I still manage to meet a Kindy family! It's just not the same!

But it is different and exciting, especially for the children. The end of the year marks the end of a journey that the children and families have with us and I believe that this entitles me to be a little bit sad! On the other hand when I take stock and reflect on the journey that each and every child has had with us I also feel pride and pleasure and know that as a result of their time at Beacon Hill Kindy they are better prepared for the next stage of their life journey.

Yours in Education



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